Southern Drone School focusses on the STEM programme for Primary and Secondary School

Enjoyable Activities

Learn, fly and race! Terrific ways for the young aviators to get to know & handle the drones

Family Bonding

Turn the learning time into bonding time

Psychomotor Training

Hone the physical coordination and develop fine motor skills during practical sessions

Children Motivation

Enrich the children’s passions for technology and unlock their potential to the next level

Science and Technology Education

How does drone can go up, up and away? Learn the law of physics and principle of flying. Science is fun!

Meet Friends

Enjoying the activities while boosting the self-confidence and self-worth in a healthy social circle

Drone Basic Safety and Understanding

Be a safe drone pilot. Learn the basic of safe take-off, safe landing and safety measures during flight

Take Back Home Drone

Take the drone you used in this training back home without additional cost. It's officially yours!

Affordable for Everyone

Everyone deserves a chance to learn. This program is an affordable solution for you to learn, fly and own your personal drone


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