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We believe that building a custom technology would bring into ultimate satisfaction


Avitex Solution (M) Sdn. Bhd. will act as catalyst to boost up the use of technology in Malaysia to increase the production and quality of the work to make Malaysia equivalent with other developed countries’ drone technology. Avitex Solution focuses in three key activities which are the Southern Drone Academy, Southern Drone School, and the Southern Drone Solution. Overall, Avitex Solution will provide the drone training course as the core service and further specialise to various community levels depending on their field of work as well as innovate the drone products with consultation, maintenance and services.


Drone Innovation and Services

Southern Drone Solution focuses on the drone development and innovations, which also provide the after sales maintenance and services, equipment rental and consultation

Capacity Building

Southern Drone Academy focuses on the training and certification of drone operators and train of trainers

STEM Programme

Southern Drone School focusses on the STEM programme for Primary and Secondary School

Why STEM is one of our focus?

In Malaysia, drone academies are very well-received by the locals regardless of age. Aligning with the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0), the usage of drones are highly implemented in our work and even in our daily lives. Drone academies are still growing even as early as 6 years old.

How knowledge would help in capacity building for our nation?

Malaysia is moving forward to the Industrial Revolution IR (4.0) which several elements are being introduced to drive the transformation. Some of the elements are technology advancement, skills and knowledge. In order to support these revolution, this academy will provide the service in completing the necessities for the citizen in Malaysia especially in drone skill competency and technology.


Customisation is required as one size doesn't fit all

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone technology is currently spreading fast around the globe and these technologies are being introduced to many field. Many industries enjoy the advantages of the drone technology since it can assist in a lot of work field. The drone usage start to get places in a lot of fields which demand customisation to fit in a specific application.


Pinexri-20 IoT Smart Farming

The Making of Pinexri-20

Tethered Drone Prototype

Vice-Chancellor’s Visitation


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